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Truckers Slide & Jump


An advanced slide calculator for professional truck drivers.Swipe your finger on your phone/tablet and see what your axle weights will be at any hole. You can also add/remove fuel at will. Try any hole or fuel level you want before spending time & money actually sliding your trailer or filling up. This app is a Professional's dream! Try the first 30 days free and see for yourself!
- Free 30 day trial on Monthly Subscription- Less than 87 cents per week for Annual Subscription- A one-time truck setup is required to ensure proper calculations
This app makes it quick and easy for truck drivers, like you, to get your loads legal. We calculate how many holes to slide and what holes follow bridge laws (kingpin to rear-axle laws). More importantly, if you have to puddle jump, we tell you how much fuel to add every time you need to fill up!
Trucker's Slide & Jump works with all semis that have sliding single, tandem, or tridem axles. Trailers with refer units work as well. It is not intended for split-axle trailers.
Watch the demo video to see it in action!
Note: Kingpin-to-rear axle warnings are based on a sliding tandem axle with a 48" spread.